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Director of the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIGDPR)
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Conference: "Empowering Sudanese Women to Develop the Sudan after 9th July 2011 (with UN Women)", 2-3 October 2011

The conference involved participants from diverse sectors including academia, media, government, banks, UN agencies and the private sector. It explored issues of gender gaps and underlying gender-based injustice in Sudan, aiming to identify their causes and coming up with a road map in order to achieve women’s empowerment and gender justice. The findings and recommendations of this conference will be published and disseminated so as to reach as wide an audience as possible.


Workshop on Women’s Empowerment (with American University of Cairo), 2009

The workshop discussed study findings and success stories. The workshop proceedings will be printed. 


Workshops to Lobby for Including a Women’s Quota in the Electoral Law of 2008 (with Friedrich Ebert Foundation), 2008-2010

These workshops were held to enhance women's political participation and campaigning skills and to integrate of women's empowerment and gender equality issues in the programs of political parties, in collaboration with IDEA and UNIFEM. Papers were written on these issues for the workshops, and reports on the workshops and conferences were also produced.


 Workshop on Voter Education (with USIP), in 2008

 A training manual was produced based on this workshop.


Conference on the Implementation of Federalism in Sudan (with USIP), 2008


Conference on Legal Reform (with USIP), 2008


National conference on Education for All for Living Together (with UNICEF and DFID), 2007


Workshop to advocate for the ratification of the African Protocol on Women’s Rights, 2007


Awareness-raising workshop on UN Resolution 1325 (with USIP), 2006


Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in Policy (with UNMIS), 2006


Workshop in preparation for the UN conference on Beijing+10, 2005


Violence Against Women, 2005

A conference was held to highlight various areas of violence including in traditional practices, education, laws, domestic violence, street harassment, violence against women in organizations, etc. The outcome was an unpublished report of proceedings and a follow-up workshop in 2009 which led to the formation of a network of NGOs, academic and government bodies to combat violence against women.


Women's Minimum Agenda after the Peace Agreement of 2005

Workshop  in preparation for the Oslo donors’ meeting on Sudan. The outcome was a book published in 2008 under the title Sudanese Women’s Profile and Pathways to Empowerment.


Sudanese Women: Achievements and Challenges, 2004

The outcome of a process of holding several workshops since 2003 to discuss achievements and challenges in the areas of politics, media, academia, education, civil society sector, health, government institutions and work. The proceedings of the conference were printed in 2005 and then edited and published in 2007.


Online Video Competition - Violence against Women

02 November 2016

ESCWA Center for Women plan to commemorate the 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence. The Centre aanounces  online video competition targeting youth...

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Workshops & Conferences

Public Lecture: "Islamic Feminism", 16th January 2014

Public Lecture: "Islamic Feminism", 16th...

17 September 2014

Dr. Liv Tønnessen from the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Norway, held a public lecture on 16th January 2014 on "Islamic...

Previous Workshops and Conferences

17 September 2014

This list gives an overview of workshops and conferences done before 2013. For more information, look also at our Newsletters....

Workshop: "Diversity Management", 26th - 27th August 2014

Workshop: "Diversity Management", 26th -...

17 September 2014

On 26th and 27th August 2014, RIGDPR hosted a workshop on Diversity Management, assembling social scientists to reflect on the...

Regional Conference: "African Women Leading Transformation", 3rd - 4th March 2014

Regional Conference: "African Women Leading...

15 September 2014

This conference brought together women from all over the continent to exchange experiences, to document the achievements of women's movements...

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