The Institute seeks to promote a worldwide community of learning about gender, peace, rights and development, linking the local and the regional with the global to achieve a transformed society of equality, justice, security and prosperity.


RIGDPR is one of the leading institutions in Africa and the Arab world dedicated to achieving peace, gender equality, management of diversity and respect for human rights, with special emphasis on women’s empowerment and leadership, in order to change society and bring about a better quality of life.


• To enhance research on gender and development studies at the University and other universities at national and regional levels.

• To promote the integration of gender, peace, diversity issues and civic studies in University courses at both Ahfad University and other universities.

• To advocate for gender mainstreaming in development, gender equality, women’s empowerment, good governance and sustained peace and influence policies on these issues.

• To publish and disseminate information at different levels on gender, development, women’s empowerment, respect for rights and diversity, and peace and justice issues.

• To offer graduate programmes on gender, peace, development, migration and governance studies.

• To prepare students to become future agents of change in their societies.