Ikhlas Nouh Osman

Position: Assistant professor

Department: Regional Institute of Gender Diversity Peace and Rights (RIGDPR) - Ahfad University for Women (AUW)

Degree (started with the latest):

  • in political Science - The Faculty of political Science - Al Zaiem Al Azhari University , Khartoum , Sudan
  • Master in Development Studies with Specialization in Women and Development – The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) - The Hague, The Netherlands
  • BSC in Organizational Management - School of Organizational Management -Ahfad University for Women -  Khartoum – Sudan

Research Interest:

I am interested in research in "Gender in multidisciplinary area" with more focus on:

  • Gender sensitivity in development projects in and outside Sudan.
  • Gender Based Violence including all traditional Practices, with special focus on FGM, early marriage, rape, Girl, Child and Women Rights etc.
  • Women empowerment,
  • Gender policy  and its institutionalization.
  • Mainstreaming  gender.
  • Engendering migration with special focus on refugees and displaced migrants in post conflict situation in Sudan.
  • Youth and women leadership and political participation.
  • Gender analysis in relation to Sudanese context and reference to the International Conventions (CEDAW, CRC, MDGs, SDGs, SCR 1325, New York Declaration, etc.) and the national context of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the Sudan Interim Constitution (SIC), and Khartoum process.

Most Recent Publications:

  • Domestic Violence within Marital Institutions: Case Study Middle Class Married Women From Omdurman/Sudan, article in Ahfad Journal, vol.:33, no. 2, December 2016.
  • Analysis of Youth political participation in Sudan (2000 – 2015), my PhD thesis, book under publication.
  • Gender Policy in Sudan with Special Reference to Girls Education and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), is one chapter in a book on "Gender Policies in Africa ", published by the Development Policy Management Forum – DPMF, Nairobi – Kenya, 2007.
  • Violence against Women: An Integrated Approach For Analysis & Pathways For Combating it’ prepared by: Dr. Balghis Badri & Ikhlas Nouh Osman under publication.
  •  “Social Capital and Women Institutions in Government and Non Government Bodies” - Chapter Nine in a book titled “Sudanese Women Profile and Pathways to Empowerment” published by the RIGDPR, 2008.

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Workshops & Conference

Regional Conference: "African Women Leading Transformation", 3rd - 4th March 2014

15 September 2014
Regional Conference: "African Women Leading Transformation", 3rd - 4th March 2014

This conference brought together women from all over the continent to exchange experiences, to document the achievements of women's movements in Africa, and to voice African women's concerns and visions...

Workshop: "Diversity Management", 26th - 27th August 2014

17 September 2014
Workshop: "Diversity Management", 26th - 27th August 2014

On 26th and 27th August 2014, RIGDPR hosted a workshop on Diversity Management, assembling social scientists to reflect on the challenges connected to cultural and other diversities in present Sudan....

Previous Workshops and Conferences

17 September 2014

This list gives an overview of workshops and conferences done before 2013. For more information, look also at our Newsletters.  

Public Lecture: "Islamic Feminism", 16th January 2014

17 September 2014
Public Lecture: "Islamic Feminism", 16th January 2014

Dr. Liv Tønnessen from the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), Norway, held a public lecture on 16th January 2014 on "Islamic Feminism", discussing the specific strains of feminism that developed on...