Journals of Women and Gender Studies

This list is based on a list by Chapman University's Stacy Russo for Leatherby Libraries, on the Core List of Journals for Women and Gender Studies of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and on the Gender Journals Resource List of the Center for Gender in Global Context at the Michigan State University.

RIGDPR also published this guideline to find open access journals. 

Advancing Women in Leadership Online Journal

Affilia - Journal of Women and Social Work

The Ahfad Journal - Women and Change

American Journal on Men's Health

Archives of Women's Mental Health

Body & Society

Camera Obscura

Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender

Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

differences - A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy

European Journal of Women's Studies

Feminism & Psychology

Feminist Collections - A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources

Feminist Criminology

Feminist Economics

Feminist Formations

Feminist Legal Studies

Feminist Media Studies

Feminist Periodicals

Feminist Review

Feminist Studies

Feminist Teacher

Feminist Theology

Feminist Theory

Frontiers - A Journal of Women's Studies

Gender and Behaviour

Gender and Development

Gender and Education

Gender and History

Gender & Society

Gender Issues

Gender, Place and Culture - A Journal of Feminist Geography

Gender, Technology and Development

Gender, Work & Organization

Gendered Perspectives on International Development Working Papers


Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law

GLQ - A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Harvard Journal of Law and Gender

Health Care for Women International

Hypatia - A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Indian Journal of Gender Studies

International Feminist Journal of Politics

International Journal of Transgenderism

International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Intersections - Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific

JENdA - A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies

Journal of Bisexuality

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

Journal of Gender Studies

Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law

Journal of GLBT Family Studies

Journal of Homosexuality

Journal of International Women's Studies

Journal of Lesbian Studies

Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling

Journal of LGBT Youth

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality

The Journal of Men's Studies

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Journal of Women & Aging

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy

Journal of Women's Health

Journal of Women's History

Media Report to Women

Men and Masculinities

Meridians - Feminism, Race, Transnationalism

Ms. Magazine

Nashim - A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues

NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research

off our backs  - the feminist newsjournal

Politics and Gender

Psychology of Men & Masculinity

Psychology of Women Quarterly

Resources for Feminist Research

Sex Roles - A Journal of Research


Signs - Journal of Women in Culture and Society

Social Politics

Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies

Texas Journal of Women and the Law

Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature

Violence Against Women

Woman's Art Journal

Women - A Cultural Review

Women and Criminal Justice

Women & Environments International

Women and Health

Women and Language

Women and Music

Women & Performance - A Journal of Feminist Theory

Women and Therapy

Women, Gender, and Families of Color

Women in Management

Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal

Women's Health and Urban Life

Women's History Review

Women's Review of Books

Women's Studies

Women's Studies in Communication

Women's Studies International Forum

Women's Studies Quarterly

Women's Writing