"How to Write Master Dissertations"

Prepared by Dr. Mustafa Babiker, Dr. Asia Macawa, Dr. Katharina Hoffmann and Dr. Nuria Brufau Alvira

These guidelines offer detailed instructions and tips for those Master students that are required to write academic dissertations as part of their curriculum.

"How to Become a Master Student - Guidelines for Academic Communication Skills and Study Tips"

Prepared by Dr. Katharina Hoffman and Dr. Nuria Brufau Alvira 

"How to Find Open Access Articles - Guidelines for Online Literature Research"

Prepared by Dr. Enrico Ille

Training Manual on Criteria for the Analysis of Constitutions (2013)

This 140-page manual contains training materials in three parts with three sessions each for courses to develop skills for analyzing Sudan’s constitutions and discuss important constitutional issues to be resolved in any state, favorably through a broad range of people involved in through consultation and participation in finding compromises and consensus amidst societal differences. The three parts focus on different aspects in this frame. The first part introduces basic concepts and a history of constitutions in Sudan. The second part discusses federalism and governance, both in historical and contemporary perspective. The final, third part examines human rights in frame of the cur-rent constitution. Each part includes exercises and other training tools for work sessions to deepen the understanding of the information presented.

Visionary leadership for university staff 

Visionary leadership for civil society 

Visionary leadership for Business sector   

Gender concepts

Women Human Right Global Regoinal and International 

Feminist research Methods