Professor Balghis Yousif Badri               

Position: Director of the Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIGDPR)

Department: The Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIGDPR)

Degrees (start with the latest):

  • 1978 Ph.D. Sociology, Hull University, England.
  • 1974M.Sc.  Social Anthropology – University of Khartoum.
  • 1971B.Sc.  Honors Sociology Division II Upper Class- University of Khartoum.

Research interests

Women empowerment in different aspects, Gender mainstreaming, Human Rights and Law, Violence against Women, Family & marriage, Constitution &Election, Peace building, Diversity, Development, Migration .

Most Recent Publications:

  • Badri, Balghis & Zein, Howida (2018) Chapter on literature Review of Studies about Sudanese Families. Reviewing researches and published materials in the book Arab Family Studies: Critical Reviews. Edited by Jehani N & Josef S, Published by  Syracuse university. New York
  • Badri, Balghis and Tripp, Ailli (ed) (2017) Women’s Activism in Africa. Zed books: London.
  • Badri, Balghis  and Abdelhalim, Sami(ed) (2015), Women'sRights in the Constitution. Published by AUW
  • Ahmed H. Eljack & Balghis Badri (eds) (2012).Empowering Women To Develop Sudan. Published  by AUW
  • Badri, Balghis & Martin C. (2010) Inter-Communal Conflicts In Sudan Causes, Resolution Mechanisms and Transformation. Ahfad University for Women and Novib -Holland
  • Badri, Balghis (2009) Gender Mainstreaming In Sudanese Universities. Published by AUW
  • Akolda M. Tire & Badri, Balghis (2008) Law Reform in Sudan. Published by AUW
  • Badri, Balghis (ed) (2008)Sudanese Women Profile And Pathways To Empowerment. Published by AUW

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