Constitution Building Project

I. Introduction

Sudan is going through a critical transformatory period during which the setting of the direction and outcome of the transformation will have vital and serious repercussions for the future of the country, its people and the region. Different and varied non-state actors’ networks, civil society organizations, and groups have started various initiatives concerning the upcoming constitution in the Sudan. Coordinating all these efforts is vital for maximizing the impact, consolidating resources and ensuring synergy and efficiency.

It has been observed that complete information about who is who and who is doing what on the constitution is lacking. Furthermore, no information is available with regard to the outreach strategies used. Moreover, capacities for constitutional and legislation analysis using global standards are rather weak, especially among the younger generation.

II. Project Objectives

1. To document and make available complete information about who is doing what, where, for whom and what materials are being produced on the constitution-making efforts.

2. To establish an up-to-date information center, creating a database and a website.

3. To build capacities for critical analysis of legislation and reforms, including of the constitution.

4. To contribute to developing draft articles on issues of checks and balances, diversity and federalism through learning from international experiences.

III. Main Project Components

1. The establishment of an information hub on constitutional/human rights/legal issues.

2. Mapping survey and documentation.

3. Capacity building on critical analysis and assessment of legislation.

4. Exchanging experiences on constitution content.

IV. Project Outputs 

1. A directory of who is who on constitution-making will be produced and 2000 copies printed in Arabic and English.

2. The information centre/hub and the website will be established and functioning.

3. Information on actors on the constitution will be made available through the information centre and the website.

4. A total number of 12 coordination meetings/information sharing events on constitution process and content per year will be implemented.

5. A total number of 4 state level workshops on international experience sharing on Constitution Content will be conducted.

6. At least a total of 300 from diverse categories/groups participate in the state level workshops on constitution content.

7. A draft of constitution articles/chapters on federalism, diversity, checks and balances will be produced and circulated through the information hub/website.

8. Two training courses and a manual on how to conduct legislation analysis will be developed and 1000 copies produced.

9. The capacities of 60 persons of both genders, representing lawyers, political parties, academia, civil society, and parliamentarians on legislative analysis and reform will be enhanced. 

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