The Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIDGPR)




The RIGDPR 2010-2014 project is a regional project led by the Gender Institute at AUW in partnership with the Gender Institutes of Addis Ababa University (AAU-Ethiopia) and Makerere University (MAK-Uganda), and funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

The agreement between NORAD and AUW was signed on the 11th December 2009, and the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between AUW and the partners on the 12th May 2010 with AAU and on the 31st August 2010 with MAK, respectively.

The RIGDPR project is based on four pillars: Institutional Strengthening, Civic Engagement, Academic Capacity Building and Research, with the following vision, mission, values, and objectives:


The project's vision is a society where women and men are viewed and treated equally and are fully respected, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or socio-economic and political background, and in which all live in peace, dignity and their rights are protected and respected in a society free from all forms of abuse and violations.


To build the capacities of the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIG/DPR) at Ahfad University for Women and in two other Partners at Makerere and Addis Ababa universities to promote knowledge, networking and exchange of experience within the region for directing policy, enhancing advocacy dialogue, indigenous curriculum development and activism on gender related issues, peace, respect for diversities and human rights.


• Openness, accountability, transparency and good governance.

• Sensitivity to gender and commitment to gender responsive policies, plans, activities and environment.

• Respect for diversity and differences.

• Respect for human rights and human dignity.

• Peace, peaceful coexistence and peaceful resolution of disputes and disagreements.


• To build and enhance the institutional capacities of RIGDPR, Makerere and Addis Ababa Universities and enable them to promote their resources to effectively manage the project to achieve its purpose.

• To promote civic engagement and enable the RIG/DPR, Makerere and Addis Ababa Universities to become forum for advocacy, dialogue and activism on women empowerment, peace and respect to diversity and rights.

• To build the academic capacities of RIG/DPR, Makerere and Addis Ababa Universities through staff and curriculum development, promoting the regional networking and international profile of these institutions.

• To promote the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the internationalization of the universities through the promotion of publication of research findings and the exchanges of experiences and expertise among academics and young researchers at national and regional level.

• The parties shall cooperate closely about development cooperation issues, development goals and strategies for the Project and their consequences for the implementation of the Project.