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Regional Institute Of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights in Collaboration with IFAD, Livestock Marketing & Resilience Program (LMRP)

Gender Mainstreaming in Project Cycle

White Nile State, Kosti

3-8 March 2022

Executive Summary

Ahfad University for Women under the supervision of the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights in Collaboration with IFAD, Livestock Marketing & Resilience Program (LMRP)has conducted a five day workshop on “Gender Mainstreaming in Development Projects.

The purpose of the workshop was to develop an understanding of basic gender concepts and gender mainstreaming in development programs and initiatives and to strengthen the participant’s practical skills in gender.

The specific objectives of the workshop:

  • Raising awareness of participants about the women issues and gender concepts
  • Enable participants to use the different approaches and frameworks for how to integrate gender into the development projects and programs
  • Increasing the skills of participants in preparing projects according to the rational model and integrating gender issues in the project cycle.
  • Identifying gender-conscious indicators and how to use them when designing projects

Twenty six participants from both the Ministry of Natural Resources and IFAD projects’ officers representing three states, White Nile (9 participants), Blue Nile (8 participants) and Sinnar (9 participants) The different states were targeted in this five-days training workshop which was held during the period from 2nd to 7th March, 2022 at Nagaf Hotel Training Hall, White Nile Kosti.

The workshop was facilitated by two facilitators from AUW Ms Amani Alsarraj and Ghada Rudwan,

The facilitators used the participatory approach i.e. that there is change of information between the facilitator/s and participants or among the participants themselves. The workshop facilitators developed a friendly learning environment using interactive techniques; group discussion, brainstorming and case study analysis. These methods gave the participants the space, the opportunity to discuss, analyze and reflect on the new terms and concepts. This is beside that each participant has his/her manual to follow the presentation while the facilitators are explaining the different concepts and information byusing of the power point presentations.