Regional Conference: "African Women Leading Transformation", 3rd - 4th March 2014

This conference brought together women from all over the continent to exchange experiences, to document the achievements of women's movements in Africa, and to voice African women's concerns and visions for a better future.


The conference aimed to highlight how African women leaders in different sectors of society have contributed to the development of their societies, and struggled for women's rights, empowerment and gender equality.

Speakers came from all parts of Africa, presenting profiles of women's movements in their countries or regions, including achievements, challenges, solidarity, conflicts/cleavages, and recommendations for the way forward at national and regional level. The participants were thus be able to exchange experiences of the movements, and identify challenges facing African women, but also pointing to solutions and future chances.

The participants represented a broad range of institutions and organizations, including universities, parliaments, ministries, UN agencies, regional, national and international NGOs, but also the private sector and media. From Sudan, representatives of NORAD, UN agencies and embassies participated, as well as a number of Sudanese feminists.

The papers presented at the conference will form the basis for a book that will provide a much-needed resource for students and researchers, for women's movements themselves, and for policy makers at national, regional and international levels. It will document African women movements and pioneers, and can thus serve to motivate the current young generation as well as future generations.

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